Show Review & Photos: Hard Hitting, In Your Face Rock At The Acme Tavern In Tacoma

Playing last night at The Acme on Hill Top in Tacoma were three frenetic, punk/metal influenced bands: Sleeper Cell, C.F.A, and 12 Gauge Saint. All three bands were full of energy; the saying “If it’s too loud you’re too old” really applied here.

When I walked into The Acme to shoot the show, Lindsey from 12 Gauge Saint and I talked about the shoot. She graciously asked that the drummer be included since he is new to the band. She was extremely nice, but when she took to the stage a completely different persona emerged and I thought, “good God if I don’t get this shoot right, this woman could kick my ass!” While I was never really in any danger, you never know. All of the bands were interested in seeing their performances on my 3″ screen after their sets.

The Acme (1310 Tacoma Ave) is a great bar; clean, with an interesting mix of fun patrons, and a superb whiskey selection. Located in downtown Tacoma, it’s one of the oldest bars in the area. Steve Campagna, the bartender/proprietor, is very genuine and no nonsense, just like his bar. He has created a real neighborhood atmosphere at The Acme over the last few years. Last night I heard it referred to as “underground” and I think that’s fitting. In a recent poll conducted by, readers voted The Acme as one of the best bars in Tacoma for 2009 – not too bad for a place under new ownership. If you’re in the neighborhood, check it out.

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