Featured Review & Photo Gallery: Ryan Star @ Chop Suey 9/13/2010

Seattle finally got the visit from the Big Apple that we have been waiting for(since last visited in 2006), by…Mr Ryan Star. In the landmark Seattle club, Chop Suey, Star brought his raw rock star sex appeal, serious songwriting chops, new tunes from his just released CD 11:59, and more, to warm up the crowd for headliner Justin Nozuka.

Enjoy the following review of the show by seeLOUDER contributor and long time fan – Karla Rogers, photos by Elisa Sherman:

All we’ll ever need is here, Right NowThe day had finally arrived. Four years in the making. Ryan Star Ryan Star @ Chop Suey by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comfinally made his way back to Seattle. The similarities were there, intimate setting, acoustic guitar, fantastic rock star – but that’s where they end. I am in no way saying anything bad about the first time I saw Ryan in concert four years ago – it was amazing – but the difference between that concert and this concert are light years.

Ryan has grown into himself. He has become an artist to be reckoned with. If you love Ryan, like Ryan, or even if you don’t, seeing him in concert is an absolute must. Every song that he sings he puts every piece of himself into, his heart, his soul, and most definitely his body. He has extremely high energy on the stage that is infectious. Ryan also has great interaction with the audience, he keeps them laughing, clapping, and singing along. Most of all, he keeps them watching and listening for what comes next.

Ryan came out mellow, sat down at the keyboard and played We Might Fall. Next he brought theRyan Star @ Chop Suey by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.com energy up for Brand New Day and Right Now. Then he played a haunting version of Last Train Home. Last Train Home has never been my “favorite” of his songs, but this version gave me chills. It’s funny how a song you’ve heard a million times can somehow sound different all of a sudden. That’s how Ryan sings. He ended that song by breaking into a portion of Meatloaf’s I Would Do Anything For Love. Most of the audience probably weren’t even born when that song came out. Then he broke out a cover song. I’m always up for a cover song when it comes to Ryan because he sings anything well, and he sang one of my favorite songs of all time – In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. I’ve heard him sing that before, I think it was on a video chat thing, but it’s never the same as it is live three feet from your face. The next song was Breathe, which seemed to be an audience favorite for obvious reasons. Next up, he brought it old school with Take a Ride with Me. I have seen him sing this one live before and I knew it was going to be awesome, and I was not wrong. The energy was through the roof. He ended his set with two of my favorites, Start a Fire and Back of Your Car. Start a Fire was played in a more mellow fashion Ryan Star @ Chop Suey by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comthan what is on his CD, but was possibly even more powerful and passionate that way. He also threw in a little Airplanes during Back of Your Car.

I was trying to come up with proper English words to describe how intensely awesome this concert was, but I am at a loss for true words. I’ve been a fan for a very long time, and last night I felt such an amazing sense of pride for him. He’s come a long way and he has such a bright future ahead of him. Wherever this ride takes him next, I’ll be there cheering him on.

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Featured Photos: Ryan Star rides his dark horse in on the Train tour

Ryan Star finishes up a run of tour dates with a couple opening spots on the Train tour – the audience responded, and seeLOUDER found many Train fans in line to buy is dwindling copies of 11:59 at the merch table this gorgeous night, September 19th in Redmond, Washington.

Some photos from the night…

Featured Slideshow –

Featured CD: Ryan Star – 11:59

Ryan Star - 11:59Ryan Star – an apt name for sure – as this tall, dark and broodingly handsome singer songwriter spreads his wings on his first solo major label release(Atlantic) – 11:59.

Fresh off of his hometown CD release August 3rd – in New York City’s Irving Plaza, his fans are ready for the world to see what we have all been waiting for.

SeeLouder.com contributor: Pam, and fellow fan – Anne – report back from the CD release –
Pam – “Ryan threw every ounce of energy into his set (I think it was 90 minutes but don’t quote me on that part) and the crowd soaked it all in and threw it back towards the stage, singing along, screaming, pogoing, and snapping photos throughout the entire show. He plays the electric guitar onstage like a rock god.”

Anne – “The Ryan Star CD release show was fantastic! Ryan and his band were on fire! Having been to about 10 other small, intimate shows with about 50-150 fans in attendance, this show had quite a different vibe with about 1000 in the audience at Irving Plaza, NYC on August 3rd, 2010. Ryan made every single fan from the front row downstairs to the back row of the mezzanine, feel welcome and part of the show! It was electrifying! There wasn’t a dull moment in the entire 90 minute set, even with Ryan tuning his own guitars, he made up for it with chit chat and interacting with the crowd! The highlight for me was seeing Ryan, his current band, and former band mates from “Stage” performing “Back of Your Car” as the finale.”

For those that think his moniker sounds familar – and not just because of that doubled R’d gal from AI – you’re not mistaken – Mr. Star, was a serious contender on 2006’s CBS summer series, Rock Star: Supernova. And although, Star did not win the ultimate prize, lead singer of the now defunct Rock Star Supernova – he has been a standout post show – now having ridden his talents to this career defining moment – not dissimilar to the entitled CD – 11:59. Star also may be known to some via music he produced with his previous band Stage.

If you’ve been a long time dedicated fan you have had the benefit of seeing his songwriting & performances through the interpretations of his own growth. From the angst of a late teen/early twenty something, to a cover singing tv muso, to the man on the pinnacle of major success today – his music has matured and is ready to take the mainstream by storm.

The wait has been well worth it. Our favorite track is Start a Fire – sexy and danceable – not bad for our dark brooding songwriter! It is definitely accessible to a new listener and makes you want to see him live. Other favorites are previously indenpendent releases, We Might Fall, and Back of Your Car. We might Fall – clearly very personal to Star with almost unnoticable mentions to his love – Hallie in the lyric (also echoed in the track – Last Train Home). Another standout is Breathe – featured in a campaign highlighting the struggle and search for jobs today – http://breathe4jobs.com/.

Pam notes further comments on the CD – “I LOVE the album. They only tweaked We Might Fall and Losing Your Memory, including, I believe, the addition of bagpipes LOL. Start A Fire has the “poppiest” lyrics, but Ryan’s voice and intonation manage to keep it from being bubblegum. The other “new” songs on the album, 11:59 and Unbreak, are more along the lines of the emotional material we’ve heard him play since 2006, but the addition of a full band really fleshes them out. I’ve been playing it frequently for 6 days now!”

Full track listing off of 11:59 – deluxe edition (our recommendation)
1. Brand New Day
2. Right Now
3. Last Train Home
4. Breathe
5. We Might Fall
6. This Could Be The Year
7. Unbreak
8. Start A Fire
9. Losing Your Memory
10. 11:59
11 You and Me (Bonus track)
12. Gonna Make it Right (Bonus track)
13. Back of your Car (Bonus track)
14. Right Now (bonus video)
15. Last Train Home (bonus video)
16. Breathe (bonus video)

Check out upcoming tour dates (rstar.net)-
Aug 12 – Juanitas – Little Rock, AR
Aug 13 – Varsity Theatre – Baton Rouge, LA – Appearing with Thriving Ivory
Aug 14 – Tipitina’s Uptown – New Orleans, LA – Appearing with Thriving Ivory
Aug 16 – Warehouse Live – Houston, TX – Appearing with Thriving Ivory
Aug 17 – The Prophet Bar – Dallas, TX – Appearing with Thriving Ivory
Aug 18 – Stubb’s – Austin, TX
Aug 20 – Martini Ranch – Scottsdale, AZ – Appearing with Thriving Ivory
Aug 21 – Anthology – San Diego, CA
Aug 24 – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA
Aug 25 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA – Appearing with Thriving Ivory
Sep 12 – Aladdin Theatre – Portland, OR – Appearing with Justin Nozuka
Sep 13 – Chop Suey – Seattle, WA – Appearing with Justin Nozuka

Also noteworthy, since his turn on CBS, Star released a live album, Dark Horse(2006) – a mix of covers and original music, as well a heart pounding track “Last Train Home” (2007) on the soundtrack for the motion picture: P.S. I Love You. Additional credits for Ryan’s music can be found here. Ryan has recently toured with the likes of David Cook, Serena Ryder, Collective Soul among others.

Ryan has always been known for being very fan friendly – and in touch w/the fans, now via twitter, facebook, myspace, and even posting on message boards his fans frequent like RockBandLounge.com. Always ready with a smile (and maybe a hug) when meeting fans after a show. This is probably why the devout fans have been waiting(none to patiently!) for this 2010 album. Moreover, Star surrounds him self by truly grounded family and friends, often times in attendance at his shows or on the road. Our advice – get out there and catch Ryan Star when he hits your town. You want to get in on this!

Featured Photos: Hey Marseilles @ the Moore Theatre 7/29/10

Hey Marseilles, a local favorite – played at the Moore Theatre, opening for Toad the Wet Sprocket here in Seattle. This band is beyond charming – multipiece, harmonies abound. Take a look at images from the night…

Hey Marseilles by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comHey Marseilles by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comHey Marseilles by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comHey Marseilles by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comHey Marseilles by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/emswazzu/sets/72157624712857334/show/

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Featured Sighting: Lacey Conner of Rock of Love, fronts Lords of Acid, Sextreme Ball Tour

Lacey Conner, that firey red haired reality vixen – who played the part of VH1’s bitch we love to hate, first opposite Bret Michaels, and then Sharon Osbourne, hit this summer’s tour circuit at her day – well ok, night job – fronting a recompiled Lords of Acid, headlining the “Sextreme Ball” summer tour…

For those that might not recall, Lacey’s niche part in “Rock of Love” was that she was also a muso (like Michaels) – I guess she is! She fronts the all-star Lords of Acid (headliner) is all the fire that she had, and that flails via her long locks. Tour ends in mid August – wonder what she’ll be up to next?

Photos of Lacey fronting Lords of Acid as they burned through Seattle stop-
Sextreme Ball: Lords of Acid by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comSextreme Ball: Lords of Acid by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comSextreme Ball: Lords of Acid by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comSextreme Ball: Lords of Acid by Elisa Sherman | photosbyelisa.comhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/emswazzu/tags/laceyconner/show/

Show Review & Photos: Hard Hitting, In Your Face Rock At The Acme Tavern In Tacoma

Playing last night at The Acme on Hill Top in Tacoma were three frenetic, punk/metal influenced bands: Sleeper Cell, C.F.A, and 12 Gauge Saint. All three bands were full of energy; the saying “If it’s too loud you’re too old” really applied here.

When I walked into The Acme to shoot the show, Lindsey from 12 Gauge Saint and I talked about the shoot. She graciously asked that the drummer be included since he is new to the band. She was extremely nice, but when she took to the stage a completely different persona emerged and I thought, “good God if I don’t get this shoot right, this woman could kick my ass!” While I was never really in any danger, you never know. All of the bands were interested in seeing their performances on my 3″ screen after their sets.

The Acme (1310 Tacoma Ave) is a great bar; clean, with an interesting mix of fun patrons, and a superb whiskey selection. Located in downtown Tacoma, it’s one of the oldest bars in the area. Steve Campagna, the bartender/proprietor, is very genuine and no nonsense, just like his bar. He has created a real neighborhood atmosphere at The Acme over the last few years. Last night I heard it referred to as “underground” and I think that’s fitting. In a recent poll conducted by in-tacoma.net, readers voted The Acme as one of the best bars in Tacoma for 2009 – not too bad for a place under new ownership. If you’re in the neighborhood, check it out.

For slideshow click the link

Show Review & Photos: Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, Rocked A Packed Hell’s Kitchen

What a show!!!! Dick wow’d the crowd with his blistering alternate picking. For an added bonus, Dale surprised his fans by playing the trumpet and drums. During the show and while playing his guitar, he walked through the wildly cheering crowd and outside to a parade of Harleys and Rat Rods.

A note about Hell’s Kitchen: Go there to see a show!!

OK, it looks like every Rock N Roll bar but the folks who work there are great. They were so accommodating for the photogs and the crowd a like. I have never seen a bar where they clean up empties so frequently. These guys really know how to put on a great show.

For more, check the full set of images: Dick Dale